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Xmitter's Channel Manager

Wouldn’t you like to be associated with Xmitter – India’s Top Channel Manager, and increase your Global Presence by partnering with International Channels as well..?


Channel Manager Features

Now manage all your channels from one single window including Online Travel Portal, Offline Agents and Hotel Website

  • Xmitter’s Channel Manager centralizes rates and room inventory management from one single screen for the world's leading hotel booking portals.
  • An option to use common pool of inventory for all channels, thus eliminating channel wise inventory allocation.
  • Manage numerous channels from one single window in just few clicks with Bulk Upload feature.
  • Simple and user-friendly Dashboard.
  • Efficiently manages last moment inventory distribution and sold out dates. This allows all rooms to be sold on all sites at all times, so you never miss out on the opportunity to sell the last room. Once the last room is sold, inventory is removed from all channels – so no overbooking.
  • Xmitter pushes real time updates for your property to all of your channels!

Key Benefits

  • Xmitter’s Offline Agents Module lets your travel agents book your hotel rooms online at your agreed rates.
  • User-friendly application.
  • Xmitter will assist you in listing your property on leading worldwide travel portals.
  • Manage your hotel inventory distribution from wherever you are.
  • Organise your distribution efficiently, grab last moment sale.
  • Get your hotel technology up and running in just 1 working day.
  • Not only technology. We also help in increasing your business opportunities.
  • Get your website designed for free.


Xmitter's Offline Agents Module

What else we can do for you...

Now manage your own offline travel agents online with Xmitter’s Channel Manager!

  • We understand the complexities you face in the areas of distribution while managing all your offline channels.
  • It’s time to upgrade you for a better growth! Stay connected with a robust online software solution that would get you started.
  • Make your agents work online with you in just a click away.
  • You can skip the age-old fashion of calling an agent manually.
  • Xmitters’s easy-to-go software solution makes it simpler for you.
  • You can easily bring all your offline agents online from a single window.
  • Let agents book your hotel room on your own contracted rates and payment terms.

Xmitter’s Online Channel Partners

  • As per our study, Indian hotels get 30% of its business from online travel portals

  • Xmitter channel management team strives hard to get best business opportunities to our hotel partners

  • Xmitter is integrated with world's leading 32 travel portals

  • Our team will assist you list your properties on these leading portals to grab Indian as well as international business

  • Xmitter team works hard on new channel integration, we are very soon coming up with HotelBeds, HotelsCombined, Via, GTA and Jac Travel UK